One of significant points in buying the umbrella is choosing a base. Beside its main purpose, to hold the umbrella, EdenGarden pays great attention to aesthetic impression. We’ll take this opportunity to introduce the types of the bases that we offer, and their advantages. Standard bases, included in the price of the umbrellas, are:

 Concrete base 

All EdenGarden concrete bases are made of reinforced concrete. Another distinctiveness which sets us apart among other umbrella manufacturers is that our concrete blocks are attached on both sides, with counter plate and threaded rods. Those are so-called sandwich bases, which prevent moving of concrete blocks.



The base can be single, double and triple. The dimensions of the single base are 100x100x12cm, and its weight is 250kg. Every subsequent layer adds 12cm in height and 250kg in weight.

 Inground bracket
Inground bracket is great solution if there is a possibility for its placement. It is necessary to provide the area 1mx1m, and 50cm in depth. The inground bracket is then placed in said hole, and the foot of the umbrella is mounted on it. This way you can maximize the utilization of the area under the umbrella.


Similar as with the inground bracket, this method provides maximum utilization of the area under the umbrella. The umbrella is mounted by stainless steel M16 anchor wedges to the reinforced concrete.Surface mounting

Wall bracket

Steel line of our umbrellas comes with inovative solutions – mounting the umbrella to the wall using the wall bracket and anchor wedges.



Beside these, we offer additional options:

 Pallet base 

This type of the base provides option for easier moving of concrete blocks using the forklift. Its dimensions are 100x100x12cm.

American base is metal frame that can be with 2 or 4 fields, with addition of concrete blocks. Its dimensions are 50×100 or 100x100cm. It is especially convenient during the transport, since the buyer provides concrete blocks, the price of the transport is significantly lower.
American base – metal frame

 Metal base

Metal base corresponds to the matching concrete base of the umbrella. It’s made in dimension up to 2x2m. This options also provides great usage of the area under the umbrella.


 Base with wheels

Base with wheels was designed specifically with keeping in mind the most simple and the fastest way for moving the umbrella.

Vintage line bases


Curved soft lines of the base shaped as vases provide both purpose and aesthetic pleasure, also allowing you to leave a personal touch.





 Hexagonal bases

Beautiful angular layered base in art deco style brings a dash of elegance which will enrich any area.

Beside mentioned, there are also small round bases (Ø60cmx8cm, 60kg) for lighter umbrellas, as is model Fiesole, or medium concrete base 80x80x10cm, which weighs 160kg. Of course, all of this options are completely customizable so they suit client’s needs. We’re also offering broad spectrum of additions, succeeding in our goal to give you  completely fresh experience in owning patio umbrella.