Fiesole Traditional Patio Umbrella



Before learning more about our extensive collection of Patio Umbrellas, please allow us to acquaint you with the passion that has accompanied each of our products since 1985. EdenGarden is a project created to offer a perfect combination of innovative and refined forms, sophisticated and quality materials and workmanship, as well as practicality of use. Our wide range of models are designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of each space and protect against sun and rain, whilst completing and enhancing them.

Fiesole Traditional Patio Umbrella

 If you are looking for a traditional, aesthetically refined model that is still practical and durable, the Fiesole umbrella is your ideal solution.  

It can also be used as a frame for other large umbrellas. It is available in a supported valve, lifted valve or Split Solution version.

This umbrella can be crafted in octagonal, rectangular, and square shape. The maximum size we offer is 4×4 meters (about 13×13 feet). We offer many customisation possibilities : height, colour, fabric type, valances, velcro apply and many other will be crafted exactly as You want them.

Every Fiesole umbrella is handmade to Your precise specifications!

More details

Pressure treated iroko wood post Ø 50 mm.

Wooden or alluminium frame.

Canopy made of 100% acrylic fabric, thermo sealed PVC or AIR SOLTIS.

Windproof vents.

Hand crank for opening and closing manually on request.

Full valance

Choice of rounded cement base with river pebble accents or a finely polished concrete base.

Storage cover.


Fabrics choice.


200×300 cm
250×350 cm
300×400 cm
300×300 cm
350×350 cm
400×400 cm
500×500 cm