The artisanal nature of production of our handcrafted Patio Umbrellas remained substantially invariate over the years. That allows us to offer infinite possibilities of customisation:

  • It is possible to request logo and/or text on the fabric
  • It is possible to choose between wooden and steel beam
  • The umbrella frame can be alluminium or wooden
  • The canopy can be in variety of colors and fabric types
  • Our patio umbrellas bases can be enhanced on request or substituted by steel brackets to be grounded or wall anchored
  • It is also possible to choose the height of the umbrellas
  • On request, all the steel and alluminium components can be powder coated in desired colour
    Moreover, we experimented with many different forms and measures.

The list of measures present in our web site are only a part of all the umbrela sizes we can offer . In the Request Form section you can consult our engineers about the best solution for your outdoor space.

Gemelli steel double patio umbrella