EdenGarden uses the materials of highest quality for our umbrellas, with special attention given to the fabrics. All of our umbrellas can be made in two options of canvas construction:

Lifted valve

Split Solution

The fabric that is part of our standard offer is 100% Acrylic fabric, by Spanish company, “Sauleda”. Its weight is 300g/m2, with 10 years warranty, if used according to Instruction. It’s characterized by great colour fastness, resistance to sunlight and atmospheric agents, maximum rot-resistance, dimensional stability, maximum shear strength, water repellence and easy maintenance. Everything mentioned is the reason why we’re choosing this fabric for our umbrellas. All of the umbrellas also can be done in PVC fabric, by French company “Serge Ferrari”. We use Precontraint 502, whose weight is 570g/m2. It is 100% waterproof, fire resistant (2nd class), pre-tensioned, UV resistant, easily maintained with reinforced dirt resistance, durable and tear resistant, with high dimensional stability. It also has 10 years warranty, and comes in many different colours.


Micro-aired Soltis is composite fabric, that is one more available option in our rich offer. It’s perfumed fabric, light, durable and completely recyclable. It comes in wide range of options, from view-through to blackout, air-flow to 100% water resistant and light to complete filtration. No matter the application, Soltis fabrics are built to last, providing excellent UV, water, mold, and fading resistance, so they look as beautiful in future years as they do today.

This short presentation should give you the insight in how seriously we approach to every detail of our umbrellas, from the most noticeable, like a canopy, to the smallest ones. It is important to us that our clients can understand the distinction between our fabrics and  polyester that manufacturers of cheap umbrellas use, which doesn’t block UV rays, easily tears and in general don’t last long. We’re providing wide range of colours no matter what kind of fabrics you choose, allowing you to play with colours and combinations. EdenGarden patio umbrellas will satisfy anyone’s desires, whether you’re looking for something that won’t be noticeable in your outdoor area or you want to attract the views.