patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas
patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas patio umbrella, garden umbrella
patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas
patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas patio umbrella, garden umbrella
patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas
patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas
what we do


Before learning more about our extensive collection of Patio Umbrellas, please allow us to acquaint you with the passion that has accompanied each of our products since 1985. EdenGarden is a project created to offer a perfect combination of innovative and refined forms, sophisticated and quality materials and workmanship, as well as practicality of use. Our wide range of models are designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of each space and protect against sun and rain, whilst completing and enhancing them.

central post umbrellas
Central Post Umbrellas

Our range of central post umbrellas encompasses 4 completely different models, ranging from a traditional Fiesole, a half umbrella Ciak, and large umrbrellas like tensionated PVC umbrella Kite, and Big Friend, our solution for covering large outdoor areas.

side post umbrellas
Side Post Umbrellas

EdenGarden's side post umbrellas are probably the most robust outdoor umbrellas at the market today. Check out 4 models and infinite number of customisation options. Strong carrier beams are made of lamellar Iroko wood or robust zinc plated and plastified steel.

multiple canopies umbrellas
Multiple Canopies Umbrellas

All EdenGarden's multiple umbrellas have included connecting gutters, and range from 5x5 up to 10x10 meters.

Our wind resistant solutions proofed their reliability in the most demanding areas:
Ancient Dubrovnik walls were the main filming location for King’s Landing, a fictional city in Game of Thrones

what we work


Check out our recent and most interesting installations around the world

Check out our customisation area. Pick your own style and be creative.


Why EdenGarden?



Our Heavy Duty Umbrellas are crafted with best materials available. All the components are made with thicker and stronger materials than any other umbrellas available on the market.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Every EdenGarden’s Patio Umbrella will be Your perfect outdoor companion for many years to follow. Thanks to out maximum attention on final treatment, our products are meant to last decades!



EdenGarden has no stock. We offer 12 different models in 50 different sizes, with hundreds of different features and colors. Every umbrella is CUSTOM made, following our clients’ requests

Design collections

Design collections

Check out our latest Vintage Collection, created with passion and love , in order to offer new elegant solutions for real outdoor lovers



The quality of EdenGarden workmanship, sustained by 30 years of experience and numerous patents, allows us to offer a two year* guarantee on all our product components, if used in compliance with the Maintenance Manual and Instructions for Use.

All EdenGarden Umbrellas are made with thick , sturdy, long lasting materials. Reliability of our products

  • patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas
  • patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas



All the steel components are galvanised before being furnace painted in the desired colour.



We use “iroko” wood for the strong load bearing beams. This is the most suitable and durable wood for outdoor use. As an alternative, we also offer furnace painted steel or mirror polished stainless steel. The ribs can be made from “American ash” (for canopies up to 4×4 m) or from reinforced and furnace painted aluminium.



EdenGarden proposes only the best outdoor fabrics.

Please consult our Colour Samples for more information on the range we offer. EdenGarden bases are made from reinforced concrete and finished with river grit. Alternatively, we can also develop plates for underground installation, wall-mounted brackets and other customised solutions.

creativity and darings


All EdenGarden Umbrellas are made with thick, sturdy, long lasting materials.
Map EdenGarden Placeholder
Map EdenGarden
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