Collage Four Canopies Patio Umbrella



Before learning more about our extensive collection of Patio Umbrellas, please allow us to acquaint you with the passion that has accompanied each of our products since 1985. EdenGarden is a project created to offer a perfect combination of innovative and refined forms, sophisticated and quality materials and workmanship, as well as practicality of use. Our wide range of models are designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of each space and protect against sun and rain, whilst completing and enhancing them.

Collage Four Canopies Patio Umbrella

Collage units four canopies measuring up to 5×5 metres, reaching a surface area of up to 100 square metres.

Its imposing appearance and sophisticated finishes make this umbrella the ideal product for those who need to cover large square areas, protected from the rain in the gaps between the canopies, thanks to the connecting gutters system.

Collage patio umbrella is usually handmade in a square shape, though  during years we made some rectangular shaped Collages, like 6×8 , 6×9, 7×8 etc. Please contact us for any quotation and info request.

If You desire to customize Your patio umbrella , there is no better choice than EdenGarden.

As we handcraft every single component, there is almost no limits in realizing the exact umbrella You need for Your outdoors. Materials, sizes, colours, paintings, bases and ground anchors can be changed and made on request.

Contact us to create the best solution for Your garden! 

More details

Pressure treated iroko wood centre post mm 142×142.

Canopy made of 100% acrylic or thermo sealed PVC.

All components are made of zinc plated steel, powder coated with an epoxy resin and a charcoal finish.

Windproof vents.

Steel hub construction made with bolts, not wire.

Choice of cement base with river pebble accents, or a steel bracket that may be affixed to the ground.

Choice of wooden or brown aluminium frame with interchangeable ribs

Connecting rain gutters

Awning crank for opening and closing manually,internal cable assembly. (Horizontal steel cotter pin)

Full valance

Storage cover


Fabrics choice.


500×500 cm 600×600 cm
650×650 cm 700×700 cm
800×800 cm 900×900 cm
1000×1000 cm