Talento Steel Wall Mounted Umbrella



Before learning more about our extensive collection of Patio Umbrellas, please allow us to acquaint you with the passion that has accompanied each of our products since 1985. EdenGarden is a project created to offer a perfect combination of innovative and refined forms, sophisticated and quality materials and workmanship, as well as practicality of use. Our wide range of models are designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of each space and protect against sun and rain, whilst completing and enhancing them.

Talento Steel Wall Mounted Umbrella

Talento Steel is an umbrella with a simple design.

It is still the most widely sold item in the entire collection today. Its clean lines and 360° revolving design make it versatile and suitable for all environments.

The mirror polished stainless steel version has even been installed on luxury yachts.
It is available with a concrete base or wall mounted support. The wall bracket can be made on request. Our expert craftsmen will assist You in developing the best solution for Your outdoors.

More details

Zinc plated and plastified steel side post (60 or 80mm).

Canopy made of 100% acrylic (5 years guaranteed) or thermo sealed PVC .

All steel components are of zinc plated powder coated with an epoxy resin and a charcoal finish.
Windproof vent.

Central Steel hub construction assembled with inox steel bolts.

Choice of cement base with river pebble accents, a steel bracket that may be affixed to the ground, or a customized wall anchor.

Choice of wooden or brown aluminium frame with interchangeable ribs.

Awning crank for opening and closing manually.

Full valance.

Storage cover.


Fabrics choice.


200×300 cm 
250×350 cm 
300×400 cm 
350×450 cm
250×250 cm 
300×300 cm 
325×325 cm  
350×350 cm 
400×400 cm