All EdenGarden umbrellas can be made in two options of canvas construction:

 Raised/Lifted valve

Split ® Solution

The valve of the umbrella is separate part of the canopy which allows flowing of the air so it can minimize the “sale effect”  appearing during every wind gust. All EdenGarden umbrellas are made to last even in a very demanding weather conditions. Since we’re constantly focused on inovations and improvements, we’re always ready to make one more step. Our long standing experience and visionary spirit lead to creating our patented Split ® Solution system. It’s characterised  by hightened wind resistance, thanks to the system of the strips and increased air flow. One of the questions we often get, is if our Split ® Solution umbrellas leak during the rain.

It is important  to emphasize that the umbrella doesn’t lose any ability of withstanding the precipitation. That is enabled by the strips overlapping, so the area under is protected. Of course, what shouldn’t be disregarded is the attractive, very specific outline which enables additional options in designing your perfect umbrella.

Except these standard options, as a very versatile umbrella manufacturer, we’re ready to customize our designs to meet special requests of our clients. One of examples is our resting valve option.


Whatever your choice may be, raised valve or Split ® Solution umbrella, or even if you can’t decide  yet, EdenGarden team is here to give you our full support so you can find the most satisfying solution for your outdoor area.